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VirClia COVID-19 Serology assays now available

30 April 2020

Vircell has developed and launched two new VirClia monotest kits for the detection of novel Coronavirus COVID-19 antibodies in human serum and plasma.

There are two kits available for the VirClia automated CLIA system which are able to detect IgG or IgM + IgA antibodies from serum or plasma to COVID-19 infections.  The tests have been developed and evaluated in Spain and are CE marked. The assays are intended to be used to show antibody response and immune status following COVID-19 infection.

Key Points
• Two assays are available based on VirClia monotest technology
• The COVID-19 IgG and IgM + IgA detection assays are run as an automated method on VirClia systems.
• The assays use a mix of COVID-19 recombinant nucleocapsid and spike glycoprotein antigens
• Results available in 40 minutes to 2 hours

Product Codes
• COVID-19 VirClia IgG Monotest (24 tests) Ref: VCM097
• COVID-19 VirClia IgM+IgA Monotest (24 tests) Ref: VCM098

For more information visit:  VirClia – CLIA monotest system for infectious disease serology testing

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