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ALETHIA™ LAMP based Molecular Solution available from Launch Diagnostics

12 April 2019

Alethia™ now represents the Meridian Bioscience molecular solution formerly known as illumigene. It is a rapid, simple to use loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) based molecular system with a small, dedicated instrument that generates between 1 – 10 qualitative results in less than one hour.  The system and assays are now available from Launch Diagnostics.

Further information can be found at Alethia™ Molecular Solution and on the individual product pages, or complete the Contact form to find out more.

Alethia™ C. difficile
Alethia™ Group A Strep
Alethia™ Mycoplasma Direct
Alethia™ Group B Strep
Alethia™ Chlamydia
Alethia™ HSV 1 & 2
Alethia™ Pertussis
Alethia™ Gonorrhoea
Alethia™ Malaria

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