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Clonit Transplant PCR's

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Post Transplant viral load monitoring is a crucial step in patient management, with accurate and reproducible results key for assisting in treatment decision making.

The Adenovirus, CMV & EBV assays from Clonit:

  • Have the same thermal profile, for flexibility and efficiency of workload management.
  • Runtime of approximately 1hour and 20 minutes, optimising throughput for laboratories of all sizes.
  • Simple Mastermix preparation: combination of two reagents with no low volume pipetting.
  • Broad compatibility with many open-system extraction and PCR instruments, for flexible & efficient use of resources.
  • 4-point standard curve and excellent sensitivity, for accurate quantification and detection of even low level viraemia.
  • Validated for use on whole blood or EDTA plasma.

Quantitative assays are also available from Clonit for HHV6, HHV7, HHV8, BKV, JCV & many more, contact us via or speak to your local territory manager for more information.