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Liofilchem Culture Media for AST

16 October 2018

Liofilchem offers a range of culture media manufactured to comply with the European Committee on Antimicrobial Susceptibility (EUCAST) guidelines.

Recently, the EUCAST guidelines for the determination of antimicrobial susceptibility are being implemented and will update and replace the guidelines published by the British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC).

The Liofilchem Culture media compliments the MTS MIC Test Strips range and is cross referenced in the Liofilchem technical sheets.

For more information please refer to the individual product pages

Description  Format Pack size Product Code
Mueller Hinton Agar II 90mm 20 plates 10031
Mueller Hinton Agar II 140mm 10 plates 10231
Mueller Hinton Agar II + SHEEP BLOOD 5% 90mm 20 plates 10131
Mueller Hinton Agar II + SHEEP BLOOD 5% 140mm 10 plates 11231
Mueller Hinton Fastidious Agar (Horse Blood + β-NAD) 90mm 20 plates 10132
Mueller Hinton Fastidious Agar (Horse Blood + β-NAD) 140mm 10 plates 11132
Mueller Hinton Agar II + 2% NaCl 90mm 20 plates 11206
Muller Hinton Chocolate Agar 90mm 20 plates 10335
Chromatic MH 90mm 20 plates 11618
Chromatic MH 140mm 10 plates 10246
Brucella Blood Agar with Hemin and Vitamin K1 90mm 20 plates 10245
Schadler K Agar with 5% Sheep Blood 90mm 20 plates 11065
Haemophilius Test Agar 90mm 20 plates 10080
Midddlebrook 7h11 Agar 90mm 20 plates 10416
RPMI Agar (2% Glucose + MOPS) 90mm 20 plates 11509
RPMI Agar (2% Glucose + MOPS) 140mm 10 plates 10233
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