Dia.Pro launches four COVID-19 serology EIA kits

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Launch Diagnostics Limited is pleased to announce that Dia.Pro Diagnostic Bioprobes srl, has developed and launched four new EIA microplate kits for the detection of novel Coronavirus COVID-19 antibodies in human serum and plasma.

Dia.Pro is a specialist Italian diagnostic company which develops, manufactures & markets a wide range of high-quality & trusted IVD’s for infectious disease diagnostics,

There are two kits for the detection of IgG or IgM to COVID-19 nucleocapsid and spike antigens, a kit for IgG to COVID-19 spike 1 and 2 and a fourth module-based immunoassay for the confirmation and typing of IgG antibodies to COVID-19 major-antigens.

These kits have been developed and evaluated in Northern Italy and are CE marked. The assays are intended to be used to show antibody response and immune status following COVID-19 infection.

Key Points

  • Four assays are currently available based on EIA, 96 well, microplate technology
  • The Dia.Pro COVID-19 assays can be run manually or automated on an ELISA processor
  • Method files are available for the Stratec Gemini, Dynex DS2 and Dynex DSX
  • The confirmation assay is a modular system to individually detect antibodies against COVID-19 Spike protein 1, Spike protein 2 and Nucleocapsid

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