Abacus Diagnostica

Abacus Diagnostica Oy is a Finnish molecular diagnostics company specialized in rapid DNA testing utilizing the patented GenomEra® -technology.


The ACCUSAY product portfolio, manufactured and distributed by Launch Diagnostics Limited, includes a range of rapid test devices, IFA slides for the immunology laboratory and the most recent addition, an ELISA for the quantitative detection of Calprotectin in stool and plasma samples.

All the ACCUSAY products are CE marked for sale throughout Europe.

Anatolia Geneworks

Anatolia is a Turkish biotechnology company that operates under ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and 98/79/EC Full Quality Assurance Systems.

Anatolia’s main expertise is designing, developing and manufacturing Real-Time PCR kits, nucleic acid extraction kits and automated nucleic acid extraction instruments.

Arlington Scientific Inc

Arlington Scientific, Inc. (ASI) is a leading global medical technology company with customers in over 40 countries worldwide and established FDA/CE certification.   As the “Syphilis Authority”, ASI has particular emphasis and expertise in syphilis diagnostic reagents with the production of the the world’s first innovative nontreponemal test analyser and has been developing, manufacturing and marketing in-vitro diagnostics, medical devices and diagnostic instrument analysers for 30 years.


Since the introduction of their first product in 1968, Bio-Tek Instruments has emerged as a worldwide leader in laboratory instrumentation. Bio-Tek are the manufacturers of a superb range of microtitre plate washers and readers, including the popular Elx800 plate reader and Elx50 programmable plate washer. Recent emphasis is upon producing instruments for the growing biotechnology market.


For over two decades BioGenex has been diligently serving the needs of clinical diagnostics with novel technologies for Cell and Molecular Pathology.

BioGenex is proud to be the only company that provides a “Total Solution” for automated cell and tissue analysis.


BioGX is an American Molecular Company based in Birmingham, Alabama. BioGX has developed Sample-ReadyTM chemistry on the BD MAX for infectious disease testing.


Biosystems SA, located in Barcelona, is one of the largest specialist diagnostic manufacturing companies in Spain with 20 years of research and advancements in the diagnostics field. Biosystems produce a comprehensive range of immunofluorescent slides and kits for autoimmune antibody testing, such as monkey oesophagus slides for Endomysial antibody detection, rat liver/kidney/stomach slides for autoantibody screening and Hep 2 cell slides for autoantibody screening.

Validated for use on the Beeline.


The Cepheid SmartCycler automated real-time PCR system offers up to 96 independently programmable reaction sites to deliver maximum flexibility for the laboratory.


Devyser AB is a Swedish company based in Stockholm and was established in 2006. They specialise in DNA analytical procedures including QF-PCR. The main areas of application for their products are prenatal diagnostics, such as rapid aneuploidy detection (RAD) and clinical genetics.


Diamedix Corporation, a subsidiary of IVAX Corporation, manufactures tests for the clinical microbiology and virology laboratory. Diamedix is recognized as a leading researcher and manufacturer of advanced diagnostic EIA kits. Since it’s launch in the UK, the Diamedix VZV Immunosimplicity assay has become the VZV assay of choice. Other products in the Immunosimplicity range include EBV, Measles and CMV. These Diamedix products complement the products of other manufacturers found in our supplier list with their quality, reproducibility and performance specification.

Validated for use on the Dynex DSX and DS2 .


Dia.Pro Diagnostic Bioprobes srl develops, manufactures & markets a wide range of high-quality & trusted branded IVD’s.  The company is dedicated to providing innovative & cost effective in-vitro diagnostic products, whilst upholding the quality set by the European Directive 98/79/CE for (IVDD), ISO 13485:2003 and other International Standards of Excellence.


With over 40 years experience in developing, producing and marketing reagent kits, DiaSorin are market leaders in the field of infectious diseases.  With the range including high-quality assays for HIV, HCV, Syphilis, HBV and the unique Biotrin Parvovirus assay, Launch Diagnostics are pleased to include DiaSorin to their product portfolio.

DiaSorin Molecular

DiaSorin Molecular manufactures molecular products for hospitals and commercial laboratories worldwide. The Simplexa™ Molecular Kits run on the LIAISON MDX point of care instrument.


Diazyme uses its proprietary enzyme technologies to develop diagnostic reagents which can be used on most automated chemistry analyzers in user-friendly formats. Diazyme’s products include test kits for diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, liver disease, cancer markers, renal disease, and electrolytes.


Dynamiker Biotechnology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2014, a high-tech enterprise integrated with R&D, production and sales globally. It is focused on developing early, rapid and innovative in vitro diagnostics of invasive fungal diseases (IFD).


Dynex Technologies Inc. is a leading developer of automated workstations, laboratory instruments and associated consumables that enable scientists and clinicians to make breakthrough discoveries, earlier, more accurate diagnoses – innovations to improve health outcomes and enhance life.


EntroGen is a Los Angeles-based biotechnology company with a primary focus on molecular diagnostics in the areas of haematology and oncology. EntroGen has a growing commercial portfolio of real-time PCR-based tests, with many of its products being used to guide and monitor targeted therapies for various malignancies.


Euroclone Diagnostica Srl is a Company fully owned by Euroclone S.p.A, established in January 2013 as a spin-off of the previous Euroclone S.p.A. – Human Diagnostic Division. EuroClone Diagnostica’s core business is the development, production and sale of innovative molecular products.


Eurospital is leader in the main international markets for the diagnosis of celiac disease, by offering the most complete
range of products available today. We also provide new and innovative tools for the laboratory diagnosis of Inflammatory
Bowel Diseases (IBD), autoimmune diseases, Helicobacter pylori as well as Chlamydia and Mycobacteria infections.

Fast Track Diagnostics, A Siemens Healthineers Company

Fast-Track Diagnostics (acquired by Siemens Healthineers in December 2018) is a Luxembourg based infectious diseases detection company established in 2006 that uses the most up to date technology – real time PCR – to detect a wide range of viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. The aim of the company is to make high quality, multiplex PCR that is accessible to small and large laboratories alike (kits are validated with a large number of extraction instruments and real-time PCR platforms). The kits are designed around patient and clinical need using a syndromic approach to disease diagnosis and management and are available from Launch Diagnostics in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.



Fujirebio is a leading international healthcare company with a strong focus on high quality in vitro diagnostics testing solutions. Founded over 60 years ago, the company is recognized as the world-wide leader in oncology for both routine and novel markers and has a strong reputation in Japan within
infectious disease testing in hospitals, clinical labs and blood banks. Over the last 20 years Fujirebio has been successfully marketing automated immunoassay testing solutions and has, under the name Innogenetics (now Fujirebio Europe), pioneered the field of molecular diagnostics and multiparameter testing. It is today among the world-leaders in strip-based diagnostics solutions.


HTZ Ltd are a UK based manufacturer of high-quality liquid-handling robotic systems which are in use in both clinical and research laboratories. Hook & Tucker were established in 1962, and acquired Zenyx in 1999. Both companies have a wealth of experience with robotic systems and Launch have worked closely with them to develop the Beeline 220, an immunofluorescent slide processor.


Since the company was established in 2000, Humasis has been devoted to the R&D and manufacture of rapid tests and is one of the leading manufacturers in Korea.

Based on new and innovative methodology Humasis strives to become the leader in POCT technologies.

Immco Diagnostics

IMMCO Diagnostics, founded in 1971, is a global leader in the field of autoimmune diagnostics services and test kit manufacturing and distribution. IMMCO is committed to the highest level of customer satisfaction and technological advancement. We offer services and products in a wide range of disease classes utilizing cutting edge testing methodologies. Launch Diagnostics supply the Immco ANCA and mouse LKS slides. Validated for use on the Beeline.

IVD Research Inc

IVD Research’s immunodiagnostic kits test for over 20 infectious diseases including Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and Dengue. IVD’s stool antigen and serum antibody EIA’s are high quality immunoassays.  Their goal is to provide the tools and services to aid in identifying common worldwide pathogens.


Liofilchem s.r.l. was established in 1983 and has focused on the production of reliable and high quality products for microbiology laboratories, which are distributed in over 60 countries worldwide. The clinical portfolio comprises approximately 2000 essential products for the clinical laboratory including, microbial identification and susceptibility testing systems, MIC strip tests, antibiotic discs, dehydrated culture media, selective supplements and ready to use culture media.

Meridian Bioscience

Meridian Bioscience Inc is a medical diagnostics company responsible for developing and manufacturing a broad range of innovative diagnostic kits using a variety of technologies. The Meridian Premier range of EIA kits includes the UK market leader for both Helicobacter pylori antibody and Clostridium difficile test kits, in addition to assays for EBV, Adenovirus, Rotavirus and Lyme disease. Premier Platinum HpSA Plus is a stool antigen test which can be used either to diagnose active H pylori infection or to check eradication of H pylori following antibiotic treatment. Meridian also manufacture an extensive range of rapid tests. This range includes tests for Clostridium difficile , Helicobacter pylori, E.coli 0157, Rotavirus, Cryptosporidia and Giardia, Mononucleosis, RSV and Mycoplasma and the new Legionella and Strep pneumo assays.


MKL Diagnostics

MKL Diagnostics is a Swedish biotech company in the MIKROLAB GROUP dedicated to clinical and industrial microbiology. Main products for MKL Diagnostics are the well known Phadebact® kits which are a range of products based on the co-agglutination technology.


Novatec manufactures and develops Diagnostic Test Systems specialising in Infectious Disease ELISA assays

Orgentec Diagnostika

Orgentec Diagnostika, located in Mainz, Germany, is a specialist diagnostics company focused on the development and production of enzyme immunoassays for the autoimmune market. The Orgentec Cardiolipin, TPO, dsDNA, ENA, IF, MPO, PR3 and RF EIA assays are all market leaders in the UK. Orgentec invest heavily in research and development, and their product range is continually expanding.

Alegria – The fully automated Random Access Instrument with SMC®-Technology, launched in the UK and Ireland January 2007, affords maximum flexibility in diagnosis of autoimmune disease via it’s comprehensive product range of more than 70 test systems

Validated for use on the Dynex DSX and DS2.

Perkin Elmer

Perkin Elmer is a pioneer in the field of molecular cytogenetic analysis continually working towards innovation and development of cutting edge technologies. Launch Diagnostics is authorised to distribute the Prepito D molecular extraction instrument.

Savyon Diagnostics

Savyon Diagnostics develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic kits for the detection of antibodies produced in response to sexually transmitted diseases and respiratory tract infections. Launch Diagnostics distributes Savyon’s serology assays, based on various immunological techniques (ELISA, MIF, IPA, rapid single tests). Savyon holds several patents related to these products, has the “know how” of producing the antigens and using cutting edge technology to coat the plates and manufacture the kits.


STRATEC is a leading partner in the development of technological and scientific solutions for the diagnostic and life science industry and specializes in instrumentation, software and sample preparation products and services for in vitro diagnostics (IVD).


Vircell is a leading microbial biotechnology company which develops, manufactures and markets ready-to-use kits for the diagnosis of infectious diseases in humans by different techniques ranging from the traditional cell culture to the most innovating developments in the field of molecular biology.

Virion Serion

VirionSerion has a very clear philosophy: since the company’s foundation in 1978 we have been dedicated to supplying superior test kits for the diagnosis of infectious diseases – a high target which requires continuous improvement and development of advanced diagnostic methods. Effective therapeutic measures depend first of all on a quick and accurate diagnosis. At our Würzburg facilities, 70 highly qualified specialists combine their expertise to fulfil this task. VirionSerion stands for competence and reliability in in vitro diagnostics. Trust in our 20 years of experience.

The SERION ELISA classic tests offer a highly economic solution for qualitative and/or quantitative detection of human IgG, IgM or IgA antibodies. The cost effective one point quantification enables the efficient testing of smaller sample numbers too. In combination with the interchanceability of the reagents and the unified working procedure the kits can be adapted to most of the common instruments.

VirionSerion continue to produce reagents and controls for CFT on which they built their reputation as supplier of high quality diagnostic products.

Wiener labs Group

Wiener Labs Group is an Argentine company with more than 50 years of experience in the health market.

The company aims to contribute to the development of the clinical laboratory through innovative and highly reliable products focused on clinical and specialized laboratories as well as blood banks. Wiener Labs varied range of products comprises kits and analyzers for Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation and Immunology assays.