Product Description


Range of kits for the detection and differentiation of COVID-19 and COVID-19 variants by PCR.

Launch Diagnostics and its partner Anatolia Geneworks have been at the forefront of the SARS-CoV-2 testing since the beginning of the pandemic. The COVID-19 PCR range is extensively used worldwide and in the NHS, public and private sectors in UK and in France.

Anatolia launched their first CE marked SARS-CoV-2 PCR kit in February 2020, since then they have expanded the range to fit the ever changing clinical need as it develops. With the emergence of 3 new variants associated with increased transmission, Anatolia have developed 2 new kits to detect and differentiate the South England variant (VOC202012/01), the South African variant (VOC202012/02 ) and Brazilian variant (VOC202101/02).

Key products in the complete COVID-19 PCR range are:

  • Bosphore Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Detection Kit v4
  • Bosphore SARS-CoV-2/Flu/RSV Panel Kit
  • Bosphore SARS-CoV-2/Respiratory Pathogens Panel Kit
  • Bosphore SARS-CoV-2 U.K. Variant Detection Kit
  • Bosphore SARS-CoV-2 Multi-variant Detection Kit

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Product Details

Manufacturer Anatolia Geneworks
Unit 50 or 100 tests
Code Please refer to individual products
Launch Diagnostics is a licensed reseller and distributor of Anatolia Geneworks SARS-CoV-2 PCR solution

Launch Diagnostics is one of the major independent distributors in the U.K, providing high quality diagnostic reagents and instrumentation from world leading manufacturer’s to the Health Services of the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg and North Africa and to the Republic of Ireland through ACCUSAY Diagnostics.

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