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9 January 2018

Vircell has added a number of new assays to their VirClia range, enhancing their extensive portfolio of chemiluminescent monotests for infectious disease serology.

New assays include Hepatitis E IgG and IgM, Toxoplasma IgG AVIDITY, Cytomegalovirus IgG AVIDITY,  Tick Borne Encephalitis IgG and IgM and Chikungunya IgG and IgM.

The VirClia system offers a comprehensive solution for the automation of infectious serology.

  • Mono test format with ready-to-use reagents
  • Allows for flexibility and easy handling of samples
  • Barcoded samples and reagents
  • Allows pipetting from primary sample tube, no further manipulation is needed
  • Ability to perform 24 tests with different parameters simultaneously
  • Simple and automated protocol with results in as little as 50 minutes
  • Each test strip includes a calibrator and a negative control that enables the validation and interpretation of results for each individual sample, and is not based on stored curves.
  • Convenient for urgent samples and/or low volume parameters
  • Extensive infectious serology diagnostic panel

For the full range of assays visit the VirClia Product Pages

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