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In-vitro combination studies of antibiotics

8 March 2021

Antimicrobial resistance is a major challenge for clinicians and clinical microbiologists, with the use of synergy testing increasingly required.

Liofilchem’s MTS™ SAS (MIC Test Strip Synergy Applicator System) combines the reliability of the MIC Test Strip with patented tools to facilitate and standardize a critical assay such as the in-vitro combination of antibiotics.

MTS™ SAS procedures are significantly faster than any other methods in antibiotic synergy tests (i.e. time-kill, checkerboard), requires no additional training to those who are skilled in the usage of MIC Test Strip, in addition to reducing or eliminating the risks of procedure errors when compared to laborious and complicated traditional methods such as checkerboard and time kill.

A short video demonstrating the procedure can be found here – MTS crossing set

Patent granted in Europe, USA and Canada.

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